What’s A Surplus Toner Buyer?

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There’s nothing uncommon about businesses having a surplus of toner. Supplies get outdated, machines get replaced and the toner that might have once worked, suddenly becomes useless. Even for the folks using toner at home, if you bought in bulk, chances are you’ve got a few extra cartridges you’ve collected over the years and wouldn’t mind getting them off your hands.

In either case, a toner surplus buyer can help.


What’s a Surplus Toner Buyer?

These are the companies who take your unused toner, and give them a second life – and you some extra money. Sure, it’s easier to toss those useless cartridges out in the trash and think of them no more. But if you’re not careful about where and how you dispose of them, they’ll probably end up in landfills, causing more harm than good to the environment.

And no one wants to hurt the environment.

Reaching out to a credible surplus toner buyer can not only get you paid for saving the environment, but your cartridges will also be repurposed. A surplus toner buyer is able to purchase your extra toner cartridges and give them another chance.


Finding the Right Surplus Toner Buyer

There’s no real way to find the right surplus toner buyer, but there are a few things to keep in mind while you’re on the hunt.

Accepted Toner – The fastest way to get disappointed about not being able to sell your toner is forgetting to take a look at the basic general requirements. Many times, surplus buyers would have a list of accepted cartridges along with the required condition. Some may want the toner in its original packaging or want it before its expiration date. It’s also important to note that not every buyer accepts used toner cartridges. In many cases, they would prefer unused, unopened and original supplies, so it’s worth taking look at the requirements just in case.

A helpful thing to remember is that if you have popular brands like HP, Dell, Brother or Canon, you probably won’t run into much trouble unless they’re outdated. Just be sure to double check.


Number of cartridges – After you’ve made certain that your toner is accepted, check to see if your surplus buyer has an order minimum requirement. If you have a large amount of supplies, it shouldn’t matter much, but if you only have a handful, it’s crucial to take a look at their terms and policy page.

Customer Service – Nothing is more discouraging than dealing with unresponsive or unhelpful customer service. In the toner buying business, it’s nice when buyers take some time to explain their process and be available for any questions. Be sure to check out some reviews and testimonials on the buyer before you make a decision. And it wouldn’t hurt to double check how responsive their customer assistance is.


Quick Turnaround Time – Who doesn’t like fast cash that’s actually fast? Some surplus toner buyers make promises of a quick process from the time your item ships to when you get paid. Although that’s nice, it’s also important to take a look through the buyer’s website for an estimated timeline. Often times, you’ll find the answer to timeline questions in FAQ’s or if they have available customer service, a quick email or instant chat should do the trick.


Shipping costs – If you have to pay for shipping, you’re already out of money which defeats the purpose of selling the cartridges in the first place. A good and reliable buyback company is likely to cover all shipping costs, so customers can keep more money in their pockets.


Surplus toner buyers are like the wizards of the printing supplies world. They swoop in and swap out useless cartridges for money and in most cases, you can get a nice chunk of change if you have more than just a few. It’s great to know that you have options when you find yourself looking at a bunch of unused or used toner cartridges, so gather them up and find your surplus toner buyer in no time.





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