Tidying Up with Toner Connect: Dig Up Secret Cash (Case Study)

Toner Tips by James Cai

As I’m sure you know when author Marie Kondo mused in her book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up to “keep only those things that speak to your heart,” she was not referring to the pile of unused toners that you’ve been hoarding in the corner of your office.

With the queen of clean’s debut into the throngs of Netflix, she’s reaching an even bigger audience! More and more people have taken to the streets…I mean closets to tidy up their own lives.

With office supplies being a long since hoarded item, businesses and individuals are catching on to the less is more concept and a clean office works harder.

Unused toner cartridges have long since been guilty of taking up space, gathering dust and sitting on a pile of cash that you would otherwise benefit from.

Luckily companies like Toner Connect have long since realized the need that people and companies have to ditch the old and embrace the clean and cha-ching.

Tidy Up to Make a Difference

With Earth currently plagued with plastic waste, air pollution, and global warming to name a few, cleaning out your closet and selling unused toner is one way to fight back. By not taking action, according to Sciencing, it would take 1,000 years for one toner cartridge to break down.

With 70 million cartridges purchased each year, chances are most are ending up in the landfill. New and used.

Part of the life-changing magic is putting mother earth first and taking advantage of the opportunities to responsibly clean out your unused toner cartridges and now it’s never been simpler.

Selling Your Toner is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

And when we say it’s that easy we mean it. There are three different methods to get started. Simply fill in your information on the form, submit a photo of your toner box or upload the type from the list provided.

Seller Shawntae L. McKnight was pleasantly surprised how quick and painless it was.

“Excellent experience! Placing the order (describing the toners I had to sell) was fast and very simple. I received a quote very quickly, added proof of ownership by taking pictures of the toner with my phone, and received payment very fast through Zelle. Toner Connect even paid me MORE than quoted because my toner was in better shape than I indicated! Will definitely be selling to Toner Connect again!”

Fast Quote Equals Fast Money

By getting rid of unused toner responsibly, consumers are benefiting from decluttering their personal workspace, placing old supplies back into use and reducing their carbon footprint, all the while getting paid for it. And fast. Once your cartridge is submitted, customers will receive a quote the same day as Shawntae did.

A Smooth Transaction

Getting paid for your unwanted clutter may seem like something that only applies to items on DeCluttr or OfferUp but it also applies to your unused toner cartridge. An item you probably assumed had long ago lost its value.

And now, not only is getting rid of your cartridges a simple process but getting paid is even better. Flexible payment options are available including PayPal, paper check or in Shawntae’s case, Zelle. Zelle is a quick and efficient way to send and receive money and it goes right to your banking app. No need to wait to be rewarded for your clean up efforts.

Shawntae isn’t the only one getting in on the clean-up/cash-up action:

Michael Bush reported: Listen I was broke one morning and realized, I had all 4 toners sitting in a corner collecting dust for a printer I’ve already trashed. They never sold on eBay. I found the toner connect web site and in 1 hour I had 100 dollars in my account. Definitely a great resource!

The True Magic

Home offices have been getting cleaning attention for quite some time before Magic came out. Since 2011 individuals have been cashing in with old unused toners and reaping the benefits.

As Marie Kondo also said, “To truly cherish the things that are important to you, you must first discard those that have outlived their purpose.”

With printers coming and going, their accessories (including toners) quickly become useless. As sad as we are to say goodbye to old equipment, their owners were not sad with the results of reselling their toners.

Toner Connect is a super easy and beneficial way to get rid of toner you do not need. I had just cleaned up a supply room and found a pile for a printer we don’t have anymore, instead of trashing it all I was able to send them off and make a profit. It is super easy too! -Rebecca Causey

Starting off the new year on the right foot has long-since been a popular New Year’s resolution. And now more and more people are embracing the idea that that sentiment should include starting off on a clean foot as well.

So as you binge watch The Life-Changing Magic and resolve yourself to be cleaner and greener, take advantage of a way to meet those goals, dig up a little secret cash on the side and enjoy the results of a tidier and wealthier you.

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