The world is moving fast, maybe even too fast for you.

You struggle to meet deadlines, attend meetings, make presentations and so on. You also have to juggle work, life and family. The stress is unimaginable!

Work demands, today, can be a handful for anybody. It doesn’t help that distractions abound in every corner, and the human attention span is dropping by the second.

According to business consulting firm McKinsey, the use of social technologies for work could boost productivity by 20 percent. So if you’re seeking a magic potion to skyrocket your efficiency at work, technology might have the answer.

Thanks to developers, we now have a myriad of these tools to help boost our performance. Here are our suggestions.

1. The Mindfulness App

You can boost your productivity in two ways. Find hacks to work more efficiently. Or eliminate stress from your psyche.

The fact endures, work and stress will forever be intertwined. To ensure that you are winning on all fronts, you must find ways to maintain a decluttered mind and working schedule.

Mindfulness is one app that helps you stay in control of your mental health. It is a tool for meditation. The benefits of meditation are not news per se. More than once, Science has proved their effectiveness. A study has shown that it’s a valid technique to conquer stress and boost productivity.

The Mindfulness app schedules session of meditation for you. It has different durations tailored to fit into your rigorous schedules. You can choose to go for short five-minute sessions or for long sessions that last half an hour.

What’s most remarkable is that the app guides you through the entire process. You don’t have to pay for an instructor as Mindfulness covers you in that regard.

So, why don’t you go on and fit a meditation task into your daily schedule?

The Mindfulness App is available on the iOS and Android platforms.

2. Todoist

There are plenty of task managers out there today, but only a few live up to their hype.

Todoist is not one of those mediocre apps. It walks its talk.

This app is very handy if you want to track your daily activities with accuracy. It comes with an intuitive user interface, and a very minimalist, distraction-free design. That way your attention isn’t diverted as you go about scheduling your tasks for the day.

The features of this app are easily the best on offer. One astounding feature allows you to create tasks and sub-tasks. This means if you have a job that has so many smaller deliverables, you can nest them all in one parent task.

It also allows you to use filters and labels to distinguish tasks according to priority. Now you don’t have to scroll through your schedule list to find the most important task for the moment. Todoist does all that hard work.

The tool synchronizes across all platforms (i.e., Android, Web, Chrome, iPhone, Outlook, iPad, and more!) in real time and reminders go off to keep you in check. Also, you can visualize your productivity through the visualize feature and many more.

Todoist easily qualifies as the ultimate task manager for the busy professional.


3. Forest

Sometimes your productivity is not slowed down by the stress of having too many tasks at hand. Instead, it’s your inability to stay focused on one activity for long enough that is the culprit.

Concentration is easy to lose but difficult to regain. And losing focus while on a particular task may just warrant starting all over. So why don’t you bump up your concentration to avoid this?

You can improve your ability to stay fixated on a single activity for as long as you need. Many apps claim to do this, but Forest is one of the best in this productivity space.

It is a pragmatic app that doesn’t demand that you stay glued to tasks for hours on end. Instead, it uses the Pomodoro technique to keep you on track.

The goal is to keep you on a single task for a given duration. During this period, you are not allowed to use your mobile phone for calls nor messaging.

As a reward, each time you complete a duration without distraction, you grow a tree. If you fail, the tree withers. The goal is to grow plenty trees for your forest like the name implies.

So you’ve got to protect the environment; stay productive!


4. Evernote

Researching on the internet can be very frustrating. If you go about it the traditional way, chances are that you’ll throw many folded paper balls into the bin before you finish.

Sometimes, only a visual content can help you save a particular train of thought. So having text notes alone is not good enough.

Evernote solves this problem.

It’s a digital note-taking application. But it does more than that.

It organizes your research and is available on any device. The Evernote app enables you to create a vibrant summary of any study or presentation. Its functionality makes it easy to capture screenshots of data on the web or anywhere else for later use.

It also lets you describe these screenshots in detail. It has a couple of handy tools for description such as arrows, markers, and comments. This helps you to focus on the vital aspect of the data when you need them.  

You can even add links, checklists, attachments, tables, and recordings to your notes. Other features include the share note feature, the cloud sync, and storage functionality.

You won’t need any other note-taking app if you have Evernote.

5. Flipboard

Unlike other productivity apps, this app is not a task-focused tool. Instead, it saves you time – tons of time!

Flipboard is a tool that curates essential news articles from all over the internet. And it saves them for you to read during your free time. It doesn’t curate only news articles; it collects blog posts and magazine articles for you as well

It is easy to get wound up by your work that you cannot find time to stay abreast of the happenings around you. The Flipboard app solves that problem

It allows you to select the category of articles you want to read, share them with your team or family. Another remarkable feature will enable you to save some news items for later. So, at the end of your workday, you can flip through your favorite category on your bus ride home.

In all, it is an excellent tool to stay current in this fast-paced world.

6. Asana

Asana is a collaboration tool. It improves your productivity by helping you streamline your calendars and schedules.

This tool is also an incredible project management software. You can create a team and delegate duties to them all on the same app.

As a team member, Asana syncs your to-do list with your schedule at work giving you an overview of your day.

The beauty of it all is that its work-tracking feature updates in real time. You can see what section of a project is lacking attention and delegate to fill the gap.

This feature also alerts lagging teammates to speed up their task completion rates. It also allows for reporting and Agile project flow.

Asana is a robust project management and collaboration tool. It is also available on all major platforms so syncing your schedules is a breeze.

7. Google Docs

Before Google Docs, reviewing and updating documents was a real pain. You had to effect changes either offline or over an intranet. You also had to store new versions of a document to show what changes you implemented.

Also, you couldn’t have more than one person reviewing the document at once. Unless your ultimate goal is colossal confusion!

With Google Docs all these problems are relics of the past.

Google Docs allows for many persons to review a single document at once. It also highlights the changes they make on that document in real time.

And if you aren’t comfortable with these changes, you can send an instant message to the reviewer. Then demand clarification right there on the same platform.

No need to place calls or write long winding emails anymore.

Another astounding feature is the ability to view a detailed history of all the changes made. Almost like a version control tool. This feature removes the need to store many copies of the same document after each review.

Google Docs saves you time, money and helps you stay in control of all your documents and deadlines. You should get on with the times.

8. Slack

There has been no better time for project teams than now.

Productivity hinges on communication for the most of it. Especially for a team working on a project. Slack is one of the best team communication and collaboration tool that you can find.

Its robust message board can simulate real-life interactions with teammates. It also has a search feature and uses machine learning to make improvements.

The tool currently boasts of a vast array of apps that you can install on it. They include G-suite, Dropbox, and Salesforce. Now you can access, review and update your calendar and documents in real time.

Slack also allows for direct messaging, video calls and lets you host online meetings. It is a full-featured messaging app for teams, and it is very light too.

Slack is a cross-platform tool, so accessing your teams on the fly is never an issue. If you want to get your productivity on steroids, Slack has your back!

Wrapping Up

Productivity is not only about completing your tasks. It’s also about your time management. The tools listed above help you manage your limited time and offer simpler alternatives to achieve your goals.

You can’t get more hours added to your day. So you want to get more work done in those hours or get your best work done no matter what happens.