How To Price Your Unused Toner For Sale

Make Money by James Cai

You’ve heard of the new way to get some serious extra cash in your pockets.

You’ve even heard it’s quick and easy.


… Selling your unused toner.


It puts money in your pocket and eases up your environmental conscience about adding to landfills.


But how do you even begin to start selling your unused toner?


Selling your toner on the internet probably makes you wary.

What do you look out for? Which companies do you look for? More importantly, how do you know if your unused toner could even be sold?

Let’s face it.

This is the internet.

And on the internet, there are virtual dark alleys and suspicious corners.

Around those corners, you can find hiked toner prices and unfair buyback terms for folks interesting in reselling.

Don’t get wrapped up in that mess.

You want to be able to have a successful selling experience that is hassle free and pocket friendly.

So how does one go about selling their toner?

And how do you know if you’ve priced it right?

How to Price Your Unused Toner

You have the toner.

Can it even be sold?

Let’s take a look at some of the things that automatically disqualify your unused toner for resale.

Boxing and packaging.

Toner buyback companies want to be able to buy your unused toner and offer it to the folks who need it most at discounted prices. In order to do so, the packaging and the box of the toner must be in excellent condition.

That means the box must NOT have:

  • Tears/rips
  • Markings
  • Dents
  • Stickers or labels

Original manufacturer shipping labels are accepted as the companies likely have a safe way to remove them.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to get a good deal on your toner – if any deal at all.

Think of it this way, if you were to purchase a new iPhone but had to select between one in a damaged box or one in a secured box.

You would pick that good looking secure one.


Because there’s no telling how the iPhone in the damaged box will work.

Toner buyback companies want the good, secure boxes, with the perfectly fine working toner inside.

Our reputation naturally depends on it because if we cannot guarantee that our OEM toners will work smoothly with your LaserJet printer, we won’t be in business.

Keep that in mind and store your boxes in a safe place – just in case.

A little parting tip; the style of the box matters. Printing companies update their box styles with their upgrades and therefore if your box looks glossed or updated, chances are, you’re on your way to a higher price.


Toner Popularity

The other thing to look out for is popularity.

How popular is your brand of unused OEM toner?

Is your toner HP, Xerox, Brother or Canon?

OEM companies are in the habit of making regular improvements and upgrades to their laser jet printers and accessories, therefore the demand in toner changes often.

That also means printers are in the habit of being discontinued.

If your printer is discontinued, you still have a chance to sell your unused OEM toner. It won’t get you as much cash as a more popular option but if you find the right company, you can still make something.

Key thing to remember here, time is not your friend in the toner business.

The older the toner, the higher the chances that the company has already phased out or completely replaced the model. Therefore, buyback companies are not eager to buy at a high price because the demand has decreased.

Tip: Make sure you include your toner model number when making arrangements to sell your unused toner. It helps the company narrow down the demand for your toner. That way, you get a more accurate quote on the value of your toner.


OEM or Compatible

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) cartridges are gold in the toner world.

If you have OEM unused toner cartridges, you’re banking in big time. Every buyback company wants it and will pay top dollar for it.

Compatibles, on the other hand, are not as high priced and some places don’t even accept them. It’s only because you can never truly know the outcome of a compatible toner cartridge. It doesn’t come with the upgrades like the OEM cartridges, so the future gets hazy.


Who do you sell your unused toner to?

You have two options when selling to a toner buyback company.

It can either be from a niche company specializing in toner products or one more generalized, specializing in an array of products including printers and other printing supplies.

The first option gets you the attention of a toner expert able to tell you more about your toner. Sometimes they even offer you a price breakdown as reference.

The second option is still a great one but chances are you won’t have the same experience (or price) as a company that has niched down and deal with only toner.

The best part?

You can shop around.


Before you select a buyback company that will give you your best price, fastest turnaround and most helpful customer service, look around.


Google is your best friend here as you can find reviews, deals and more about a company through a simple search.

Don’t miss out on getting your bang for your buck with your unused toner.

Do your research. 

Keep in mind that the buyback prices will depend on the company and their demand trends. Therefore, the faster they can get your toner off their shelves, the more they’re willing to pay.

We can help you navigate the process and feel free to ask us any questions anytime.

Our easy to use system makes it as easy as a few clicks to your next influx of cash.

Check out some of our reviews about our services so you know you’ll be in good hands.



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