How To Make Money With Your Smartphone While Sitting At Your Desk

Make Money by James Cai

Free money.

The two most favorable words put together to make magic. Nowadays, while it’s still a blessing to have a job, some extra cash is always helpful – especially when its free.

In the past, there were more time-consuming routes to extra cash. Either you would spend a day walking your neighbor’s dog or you spent time rifling through your home for valuable assets you can part with at your local consignment store.

Today, things have gotten way easier and you can make some extra money by simply watching videos or taking surveys from your smartphone or tablet device! In exchange for watching these videos, you get points that are redeemable for different type of pay outs.

Some apps aren’t all that great though and you end up spending more time navigating through it than actually making money so, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites to help. If you’re looking for a passive income app that you can use even in your sleep, we’ve got you covered.


Rewardable TV

Acorns anyone? That’s how this app measures its points. Rewardable TV is from the parent company Rewardable and their attractive interface is easy to use. With playlists in different categories like Top 10 Sports and Funniest Comedy, you certainly won’t be bored with the 1-2 minute videos streaming through the app.


How does it work?

You could really let your phone work for you here even while you’re busy with your hands or asleep. All you would need to earn some acorns is a strong internet connection, an iPhone or Android smartphone or device and you’re all set. There are also other fun options for collecting acorns besides watching videos, like checking in at local stores or leaving them reviews. Tasks vary from time to time but with your notifications on, you won’t miss out.

Rewardable TV is favored most because of the lack of effort needed to run their videos. You can run as many as you want and on as much as 7 devices to increase your chances at more acorns, though you risk getting banned if they sniff you out.

How do you get paid?

Either on your iPhone or Android phone, you’re able to redeem your acorns for cash. Some long-time users advise on cashing out at $20 or $30 intervals since that money takes a minimum of ten days to show up in your account. There are options to cash out earlier if needed, so head over to their site and start making easy money.

Looking for other ways to make money from home?

Perk TV

This well-known mobile rewards app has lots to offer. Hilarious video, Netflix trailers and the chance to add some green to your wallet, Perk TV has a no limit cap on how many videos you can watch in order to earn perk points.

How does it work?

The goal is to earn as many perk points as you can through watching videos on your smartphone or tablet. One video is usually equivalent to 1 perk point. Though their policies state you must be actively watching the videos and only on one device, users admit that they’ve maximized their points and used multiple devices. Some even run videos on unused devices like old smartphones or gadgets.

How do you get paid?

There are a number of ways to collect payment on Perk TV. Some more popular options are in the forms of gift cards to your favorite stores like Starbucks, Target and Gap. Other times you can simply cash out and send your money to your PayPal account. A great bonus is that they also offer their Perk Plastic able to be used wherever Discover is accepted. Just load your earned money to the card and you’re all set!



Popular and super easy to use, Swagbucks has been a source of passive income for many years now. Sign up takes only a few minutes and if you’re lucky enough to snag a referral code, you’re started off with as much as 70 SB or Swagbucks points.

How does it work?

Once you’re signed up either with your Facebook or email account, you’re ready to start getting some free perks. Swagbucks is full of options to get you loaded on SB points. Explore new special offers, check out some cool new recipes and catch some new shows set to stream in the coming season – there’s usually something for everyone. The best part is that you don’t even have to keep an eye on the videos while they play. So, even while you’re tied up at work, you could be making extra cash, letting your phone run videos while on silent.

Beyond that, they’ve added the choice for a browser add-on able to alert users on opportunities to earn more points. So, if you added the Swagbucks’ extension on your browser, shopping for something like sneakers at an online store like Walmart, could land you some extra SB. You can also learn about cash back rewards you might be eligible for while shopping so you’re saving money without even trying.

How do you get paid?


It’s not only the satisfaction of saving money that landed Swagbucks on our list but their variety for pay-outs is impressive. From redeeming Amazon gift cards to savings at your favorite stores, you have some options here to consider. If you’re looking for cash, you also have the option to cash out via Paypal.




Not as attractive as the other apps, they still offer a pretty good looking $5 sign up bonus. Fusioncash has been a part of passive income lists for a while and users have enjoyed their site.

How does it work?

Take some quick and easy surveys, refer your friends, click on ads, even post in their forum for bonus cash. Fusioncash doesn’t seem to run out of options for grabbing free money. They even offer extra money to follow them on twitter. Take a look around their site for more ways to cash in.

How do you get paid?

You would need a minimum of $25 on your account in order to cash out but making that kind of cash is pretty doable here. For example, they offer $1 when your referral signs up and $5 every time they cash out. Not too many brands offer these incentives so they’ve got something on their competition.



Passive income can be not so passive if you’re finding yourself putting in way too much effort. Watching videos on your smartphone or tablet device is as minimal as it gets. Maybe you might want to take some easy surveys, or refer your friends looking for extra cash, or you just like knowing you have the option for a separate income, any one of these apps can work for you.


Have you tried any passive income apps that have been helpful to you in the past? What was your experience like?




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