6 Proven Ways to Get the Most Cash for Your Toners

Make Money by James Cai

Picking out a car can be fun.

Picking out a new car can be even more fun.

But did you know that once you drive that new car out of the lot for good the value of that new car goes down by almost 30%?

What if we told you the same principle can be applied to your toner box when it comes to opening them?

If you plan on using the cartridge that’s one thing (rumor has it they don’t work so well if you load it in the printer still packaged), but a lot of times you’ll have one or two (or more) toner cartridges laying around. And that’s where you’ll wanna follow these 6 golden rules to make some cash off your cartridge.

Protect The Package


Similar to driving off with a new car, any sort of dents, damages, or holes can depreciate the value of your toner cartridge. Whether your planning on using them or not, it’s a good idea to box up your unopened toner cartridges until it comes time to use them. That way the packages are protected from general wear and tear should you decided to sell them instead.

From our website: A sealed box is the only indication that we have of toners that are brand new. If the original packaging has been tampered with, we cannot say with all certainty that the ink has not been used. As such, we only buy back toners that are in their authentic and unscathed boxes.

Companies like Hewlett Packard package their cartridges with a handy pull tab to unseal easily. Once it’s been pulled and opened, we can not accept it. Plan on leaving the package entirely sealed until you know you’re going to use the cartridge for your printer. Otherwise, it can be resold and it’s highest profit price.

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword


You may be tempted to take a sharpie to your cartridge boxes from one reason or another but if you’d like the option of being able to sell them in the future that is a big no no. If you need to make a note on a toner cartridge, we recommend using a sticky note or other adhesive paper that can be easily removed without damaging the packaging.

The better the condition of the box, the higher the offer it will command. Contrarily, if the packaging is severely disfigured, the value of the toner will depreciate and you won’t get the best deal.

Beware of the Expiration Date


Unlike those random jars of honey and the three packets of soy sauce lurking in your junk drawer, toner cartridges can and will expire. And unfortunately, once they do they’re no good to us or to you. Toner cartridges only carry a life cycle of about 24 months. After that, the chemicals keeping the ink in a liquid state start to break down and the ink begins to coagulate into a more sludgy state. Side effects include poor printing jobs, possible damage to the printer, and no money from us.

To make use out of your toner cartridge before it expires, after you’ve stored your cartridge(s) in a protective outer box, write in big numbers on the outer box the date you purchased the toner and when it’s set to expire. That way you can keep track of how long you have before it loses value.

Every ink and toner cartridge has a shelf life. The expiration date will give an indication of when the ink has surpassed its life cycle, after which, it may no longer be viable.

Strip Search


Once you’ve decided to sell your unused toner cartridges, you might be tempted to open the box to check the contents or remove any shipping labels. However, doing so would depreciate the value of the cartridges almost at once. As long as the package is still factory sealed, you don’t need to worry about checking it for us.

When you’re ready to ship, be sure to overbox the package so that any shipping labels present on the cartridge package does not interfere with being shipped to us.

Bare in mind “Any toners shipped by themselves without a box will automatically be rejected.”

The Value of a Barcode


Another rule to follow when preserving the integrity of your toner cartridge is to not interfere with the package’s barcode. Not only does it help to identify the value of the brand but removing it would again, cause unnecessary damage to the package and you would not be paid the entire worth you would otherwise receive.

What’s in a Name?


When we consider each cartridge for purchase, the first thing we look for is the OEM or the Original Equipment Manufacturer. While there does exist plenty of generic and third-party sellers, Toner Connect only accepts cartridges from the popular brands. Such as Canon, Brother, Xerox, and Dell. For our full list of accepted manufacturers click here.

In our opinion quantity does not always mean quality. To find out more about why we’re toner snobs (and you should be too!), check out our “Why Toner Connect Only Buys OEM Toner” post. here.

We at Toner Connect want to give you the best bang for your buck. And now that you have the six proven ways to get the most out of your toner cartridges we can! Keeping your cartridges in mint condition will not only preserve the functionality of the cartridge but it will also pay off in the long run…literally!


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