10 Awesome Last Minute Gifts You Can Make With Your Printer

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The holidays are here and the window for grabbing the perfect gift is just about to disappear.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the festivities and lose track of every one you want to share a special gift with as time runs out so quickly.

That’s why it’s helpful to know how to use something as handy as your printer to help you cut down that list of last minute gifts.

Your printer is pretty useful and handy in creating some of the most thoughtful and heartfelt gifts – plus, it saves time, money and a headache.

We’ve rounded up some of the easiest DIY gifts to make from the comfort of your home printer with items that are easy to find around the house.

The best part is that they look great enough to be store bought and you will have learned a new skill.

Photo Pillows

This is a sweet gift to share with loved ones, especially family. You can get really meaningful here with the photo you select as you get a chance to capture a special moment for display.

You will need the fabric to sew onto the pillow, freezer paper (8.5 x 11), your home printer and your perfect photo.

There are different ways to display the photo as some folks choose to be more vintage with a black and white photo, or some would use a bright and colorful photo with a rich background to give a lighter feel.

Your options are endless so think of what your loved one would like to cherish for a while to come and get busy making some photo pillows.

Wood Signs

It’s pretty easy to make a big impact with a small piece of wood.

From wall art to wooden photo boxes, you can give the perfect personalized wooden gift this holiday with using just your trusted home printer, wax paper and a great image.

Simply print out your photo onto the wax paper, place the image onto the wood ink side down, then rub the image onto the wood.

You should be able to peel the wax paper right off and have a personalized work of art. You can create large or small images just be sure your printer is at the right setting and you’re all good to get started!

Printable Calendar

Something easy to print out with lots of personality, a calendar is the simple gift you can share with anyone from your coworkers to your bowling buddies.

They’re easy to make and easier to personalize. If you have a friend who needs a little help staying organized, you can create a calendar with a ‘Daily To-Do’ section to help them stay on top of things.

You can add fun things like recipes, pictures and even personal quotes, to help spread your joy among your friends.

A great thing to remember is that you don’t have to make a large calendar for a desk or refrigerator, you can just as easily just as easily make a mini one to help your loved ones on the go – it’s just as useful.


A perfect gift for the coffee drinker or tea lover, a personalized mug has long been the classic best friend gift from since the beginning of time.

To transfer imagery onto a ceramic mug, you should use waterslide decal paper as it’s easy to transfer with just some water.

Print your snazzy quote or funny meme on this specialized paper, place it in water before placing it on the mug, peel it off and done! Your mug is revamped.

It’s a great budget-friendly gift for coworkers and one you could even use to spice up your own mugs.

Holiday Cards

This one is the easiest from start to finish as you just need to grab some card stock sheets and get to printing.

You can use decals with decorative writing or print out some images to shade in with watercolor paint.

Get creative with buttons, sticky eyes, recycled paper, glitter and pretty much anything you can stick onto paper in order to create the perfect card.

If you have kids, this is a great way to get them excited about giving their own gifts. It’s a great craft activity for a family and fun all around.

 Holiday Giftboxes

It’s not always about what’s inside of the gift box because presentation matters.

Wowing your friends with a great looking giftbox is easy and all you’ll need is some card stock paper, a festive design (or grab a printable template anywhere online), some scissors and some coloring supplies to personalize your box.

Don’t feel stuck on grabbing the perfect wrapping paper when your printer can help you create the perfect alternative.

Printable labels

From wine bottles to candles, mason jars to home ornaments, you can put a label on pretty much anything. For the holiday season, share a personal message with a labeled item.

It adds a special touch and is one of the easiest printing projects to do.

Just grab some label paper, some scissors and your choice of fancy font online and hit print.

You have loads of options here to share a personal message and can add to a gift to just about anyone from your work friends to your parents.

Nail Decals

Perfect for the girlie girl excited about home manicures and pretty nail polish colors, nail decals are a great gift. You’ll need some waterslide paper and your inkjet printer.

Expert DIYers advise a gloss spray to prevent ink bleeding but other than that, you can create a ton of nail decal designs right from your home.

Luminary Jars

Nothing beats a personalized luminary jar as a gift as it’s a pretty thoughtful way to say thank you. Grab some color vellum paper to fit your printer, print some awesome designs and wrap it around your glass or candle jar.

Truly pretty on the eyes, these jars are special in that they are affordable yet so unique.


You can create your own holiday postcards to send out to family and friends from around the world – without having to worry about shipping costs.

Send a comical image or something really heartfelt to show your appreciation.

As easy as printing on card stock sheets, you’re only a couple steps from sending your heartfelt message to touch your loved ones all over.

Don’t Miss Out on The Value of your Printer

You shouldn’t feel discouraged that you haven’t had the time to run out to grab a gift for everyone because there’s still time.

Try out any one of our easy gifts you can do from your home printer and share some holiday joy this season.


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